My next door neighbour had a party tonight and one of her mates started screaming and crying. At first I thought they were just drunk and being too loud so I understood why my dad went out there at said something to her, but then her boyfriend shouted back “she’s having an anxiety attack” and all my dad replied was “I don’t care just shut the fuck up”

See when I tell people my parents won’t understand they’re always like “yeah my parents were like that to,o you just have to explain it to them” Tonight is just evidence as to why I don’t tell my parent’s about what I’m going through, they just don’t understand. If they can’t understand when a girl is having a full on anxiety attack, screaming and crying uncontrollably in front of them, they’re not exactly going to believe me are they. It just angers me so much how my dad acted, he has no fucking clue whatsoever.

On Thursday (12th September) it would’ve been 3 months since I last self-harmed. Idek how I feel about it? Like I think about cutting everyday and I have no idea where this willpower has come from to stop me doing it. I don’t want to seem big headed but I’m actually quite proud of myself for getting this far although I still don’t feel 100% my old self and I could literally relapse any day now